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Unit 1 I. Put the following Chinese into English: 詢盤 報盤 報價 訂單 傳真 電子郵件 電子商務 互聯網 交貨期 目錄 文檔 支付 結帳 余額 客戶 國民經濟 市場經濟 營銷

II. Fill in the following blanks with the given words in their proper forms:

economy trade market 1. Your home _____ is flourishing, and your foreign trade is expanding fast. 2. This is possible because of the continuous advance of our national _____. 3. They have been in the wool _____ for quite a number of years.

4. During the past few years the course of world _____ has been marked by a succession of

dramatic developments.

5. The damaged goods are hardly _____.

6. The tourist _____ is the country‘s main source of income. 7. We must make out a _____ research report in two weeks. 8. An increasing number of European firms are _____ with China. 9. They counted on imports to stimulate their _____.

III. Read the following introduction to general business letters: (1) 信頭(Heading ) (2) 日期(Date) (3) 我方參考號碼(Our Ref. No.) 對方參考號碼(Your Ref. No.) (4) 封內地址(Inside Address) (5) 稱呼(Salutation) (6) 事由(Subject) (7) 正文 (Body of the Letter) (8) 結尾套語 (Complimentary Close) (9) 簽名(Signature) (10) 經辦人代號(Reference Notation) (11) 附件(Enclosure) (12) 抄送(Carbon Copy) (13) 附言(P.S.) 以上是英語商業書信的基本結構,其中第1、2、4、5、7、8、9等七個部分是最常用的。但各信的格式不盡一致,有些項目是否要用應視具體情況而定。

下面就以上格式中13個項目逐一介紹: (1)信頭(Heading)



地址下面寫發信日期,次序是月、日、年,如Feb.27,2005;或日、月、年,如27 Feb.,2005 (3)信函編號(Reference Number)

信函編號是為了信件歸檔、查找之用,通常有我方編號(Our Ref.)和對方編號(Your Ref.)組成,如:

Our Ref.:CS 49/77005 Your Ref.:2005/IB318

(4)信內地址 ( Inside Address)

現代商業信件,通常把收信人姓名和地址打在信上,這樣可以保持函件的完整,并便于歸檔立卷。 如收信人為某公司,而寄信人要求該公司某特定人收閱和經辦,則可寫上Attention (縮寫為Attn.),格式如下:

Pacific Marine Insurance Company 643 Powell St.

San Francisco, Ca. 94108 Attention:Mr. H. S. Kennedy (5)稱呼 (Salutation)

常見的正式稱呼有:Dear Mr Smith, Dear Mrs Black, Dear Miss Brown, Dear Ms. White。Ms.用于不知是否已結婚的女子姓名之前。若稱呼多個男性,則在姓名前用Mr.的復數形式Messrs。Mrs沒有復數形式,若稱呼多個女性,則在姓名前用Mmes.,如Mmes. White and Gray。

寫給一個公司時,可以用Dear Sirs, 也可以用Gentlemen, 美國人一般用Gentlemen。稱呼后用冒號或逗號均可,但前者顯得更正式。Gentlemen后常用冒號。

(6)事由 (Subject)


(7)正文 (Body of the Letter)

正文的每一段開頭可以用縮行式(Indented Form),也可用并列式(blocked form),由于電腦普及,為了方便,并列式被廣泛使用,這也包括信函的其它所有項目,如日期、事由、結尾套語??等都緊貼信紙左邊開始。為清楚起見,采用并列式的各項目之間,通常空一行,正文的各段之間也空一行。

函件只寫在信紙的一面,很少兩面都用。如果正文較長,一頁紙不夠,第二頁應至少有三行正文,不可沒有正文而只有一個簽名。第一頁最后一行的右邊寫上to be continued。第二頁信紙不用信頭,顏色、大小應與第一頁相同。第二頁第一行要寫上收信者單位、頁數和日期,如:

Collins Telecom Company, —2— March 24, 2005。 (8)結尾套語 (Complimentary Close)


在商業書信中,最常見的結尾套語有:Yours faithfully, Faithfully yours, Yours truly, Truly yours,也可用Yours sincerely, Sincerely yours.




Truly yours, (Signature)

Alfred Johnson, Office Manager South Philadelphia Mobiles Company

(10)經辦人代號(Reference Notation)

經辦人代號是由信件口授者(dictator)和秘書(或打字員)的姓名的首寫字母組成,用冒號或斜線號分開,如:FCM/HL, FCM:HL, FCM/hl, fcm:hl。

信件打上經辦人代號是為了提供此信件產生的信息資料,便于必要時查對之用。 (11)附件(Enclosure)

信中如有附件,則在簽名下方左下角注上Enc.或Encl.。其復數形式是Encls. 。附件有兩件以上時,應注明數字。如附件特別重要,應給以簡短的標題,例如: Encls:1. Annual Report 2 copies

2. List of Major Accounts 3. Profit and Loss Statement (12)抄送(Carbon Copy)


C.C: Rotic Co.

341 Queen Avenue Yakima Wa. 98902

cc to:CEO

cc: Mr Carl Mason Copy to: Sales Manager Copies to: directors (13) 附言(P.S.)


IV. Make corrections in the format of the following business letter: INTEGRATED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Rm 808,Kyo-Won-Kong-Jea 35-2 Yeoido Young Dung Po Seoul South Korea Tel: 822-782-4641 Fax: 822-785-4245 16 June 2004 KJ: rh Enclosures 2 Cc: Kim Sang-Chul Moon Young-Seung Subject: Integrated Circuit Boards Dear Dr Brenda Yeoh We have just received your order for 400 integrated circuit boards (item No. KR10779) Unfortunately, these circuit boards are no longer produced as they have been replaced by our model KR2000, which is cheaper, more reliable and more efficient than the circuit boards that you ordered. With this in mind, we imagine that you will be happy to change your order. The prices of the KR2000 and peripheral equipment are as follows: KR2000 integrated circuit board: @US$23,200 KT200X ?Toolkit‘: @US$15,500 KC200X connectors: (2 per pack) @US$10,000 I should be grateful if you could contact me to tell me what you wish us to do about your order. Yours faithfully Kim Jungsup for INTEGRATED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Attention Dr Brenda Yeoh, PhD ATT Computers Corp. Pte Ltd. 88 Kitchener Road,#02-15 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208512 PS Forgot to mention it, but there are lots of bargains in the brochure and price list which I am sending you.

V. Address the following envelope in English: 美國紐約百老匯大街20號AUTOS公司 郵編:10027 威廉·史密斯先生收 中國北京廣安門南街12號 中國北方工業公司 郵編 100053